Pics of Schwarzenegger and Maid’s Son Revealed, and They’re Not Pretty

It was only a matter of time before the release of the pictures the world has been waiting for: Schwarzenegger maid Mildred Baena and their son, Joseph, as seen in Hello magazine. The British tabloid apparently paid her a hefty sum to spill the beans about her in-house relationship with the former California governor right under wife Maria Shriver’s nose and reportedly, in her bed.

And of course, to sell the pictures–which we’re surprised no one else has done thus far.

Baena claims Schwarzenegger didn’t know Joseph was his kid until recently, and the boy himself, now 13, only found out about a year ago who his real father is. “Cool,” he said, according to the account in Hello.

The story seems to imply that Baena herself didn’t know right away that the so-called “Sperminator” was her baby daddy. “It was as Joseph grew and I started to see the resemblance that I wondered – but It became more apparent as time went on,” she said.

“I knew Arnold was the father, and maybe as Joseph got older and began to look like him, he [Arnold] wondered. But he never said anything to me.”

As for the cuckolded wife Maria, Baena says she kept asking if there was something the maid needed to tell her. Finally, she says she got down on one knee started crying and confessed the truth—and that Maria told her to stand up and cried as well.

“I have so much love and respect for Maria,” the maid disingenuously told the magazine. Yes, that’s a new way to show respect: sleeping with someone’s husband when they’re out of the house, although as Baena is quoted as saying in the article. “It takes two.”

Schwarzenegger has gotten credit in some quarters for taking care of the boy and his mother financially and buying them house in Bakersfield and thus escaping the “total scumbag” epithet.

Baena’s take on him: “He’s a good man and I know he’s suffering too. He loves Maria. I hope with time they work things out.”

It doesn’t look like that’s the way this is going to go. As one of those hokey old expressions goes, you make your bed, you lie in it.

Love That Fell Off a Cliff. Arnold and Maria: The Next Chapter

From the outside looking in, it’s hard to tell what really triggered the breakup of the 25 year high-profile union between Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It was always an unlikely match, she of the family that is the closest thing we have to American royalty, he of the drug-drenched bodybuilding world who immediately climbed many steps up the ladder to mainstream legitimacy with their union.

Some speculated Maria liked bad boys– a not so uncommon trait among women–and this was her way of rebelling against the expectations of the Kennedy clan.

And Arnold certainly was a bad boy, one who parlayed his outsized personality to movie superstardom and fame probably beyond his wildest, ambitious dreams. As they made their life together, and four children came along, Maria pushed aside much of her career to stand by her man, in the Kennedy tradition.

Also in the male tradition of the family he married into, Arnold apparently had a huge womanizing problem, which came to the fore publicly when he tossed his hat in the ring to become the governor of California. Up against allegations from many women that they were groped or otherwise sexually harassed on Schwarzenegger movie sets, Arnold apologized for his transgressions and Maria stood firm in her support–and the rest is California history.

With his two terms over, the aging superstar seemed to be groping around with what to do next. A cartoon show. Traveling with his buddies. And so did Maria, who has successfully spearheaded an influential women’s conference over the past few years, even expressing her concerns about the transition in her life from her successful run as Cali’s First Lady.

Word is, she moved out of their Brentwood home several weeks ago, and who’s to know exactly what was the tipping point. Perhaps emerging from the grief of her parents’ deaths and realizing she was not getting the love she needed in their marriage? Arnold certainly seem to negate her when he mentioned that she didn’t even know yet about a deal he was about to sign.

Always extremely conscious of his own personal PR and media coverage, now Schwarzenegger is publicly making statements that imply he’s trying to work things out with Maria.

Speaking to a crowd at an Israeli Independence Day event in Los Angeles, Schwarzenegger said that he and Shriver are taking their relationship “one day at a time.”

Skating around any real issues, but saying just enough to show he cared, Schwarzenegger said: “I just spoke to Maria an hour ago before I came here, and we both were saying the same thing; we are amazed and extremely blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people and so many wonderful friends. We both love each other very much, and we are very fortunate that we have four extraordinary children. And we are taking one day at a time.”

Behind the scenes, we are sensing heartbreak. It’s sad to see this relationship crumbling, especially after both parties, at least publicly, seemed to make it work. Each was an inspirational figure to many, and together, they were an ultimate and unique power couple.

But we have no doubt that should their marriage definitively end, Maria will emerge stronger than ever–and she’ll get a lot of support along the way.

The Lowe Bros

Between them, Rob and Chad Lowe have survived several scandals.  Anyone remember Rob’s three-way sex tape from a long-ago Democratic convention? How about the nanny scandal? And poor Chad. First Hilary Swank forgot to thank her then-husband during an awards acceptance speech and then outed his substance abuse during their divorce. But the handsome bros were all smiles as they graciously accepted the Hollywood Entertainment Museum’s Legacy Award from Cali First Lady Maria Shriver at the Esquire House. Maria, sporting a beehive from her Halloween getup as Sarah Palin, said she knows something about legacies in her family, and that she knows Rob and Chad will pass theirs along to their children…