Fringe Benefits For Beautiful Lashes

EnvyDerm is as easy to apply as eyeliner

If you haven’t yet tried one of the over-the-counter lash-lengthening products, you would never know how easy it is to grow longer, thicker lashes– if you stick with the program. Meaning, you have to use the stuff every night, even if it seems like it’s not working.


One of the good ones out there is called EnvyDerm, which is formulated with vitamins, minerals and amino acids to moisturize and nourish lashes.


The formula contains only safe, ophthalmologist-tested ingredients. “Through meticulous research and development, scientific advances, professional expertise and understanding of the customer’s well-being, EnvyDerm is changing the world of beauty,” says Nadia Smith, president and founder of the company


The application is just like using a liquid eyeliner. You swipe the clear fluid across your lash line once a day before bedtime. It takes a total of about 4 seconds, so there’s no excuse for not adding this to your nighttime beauty routine.


It took us about 4 to 6 weeks to notice anything, and then, va-voom! Lashes went into hyperdrive, and with some of our favorite Dior blackout mascara applied, were unbelievably long and thick.


After you get your lashes were you want them– and you may get faster results, as the company says you may see them in as little as two weeks– you don’t need to apply the product every night anymore, but rather, once or twice a week for maintenance.


Prescription product Latisse works well for this purpose, but has had documented side effects like making eyelid skin or even iris color darker as well as growing hair on the face where the product might drip.


So if you don’t want to risk any of those, or take the trouble of getting a prescription from a doctor, EnvyDerm can provide you with some great eyelash enhancement. And who could turn a blind eye to that?


The product, which should last for at least six months, is available for $99.95 at the company’s website,, or