What Happens to Your Stuff in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

The Vegas Box allows you to leave stuff there for your next trip

Most people go to Las Vegas for just a short time, so there is not normally a need to bring check-in luggage.  That is, unless you want to bring your favorite bottle of shampoo, a big can of shaving cream or a spare bottle of tequila.

Now there’s a way of doing that and sparing the hassle and expense of carting your liquids back and forth.  It’s the newly launched Vegas Box, and it allows you to leave all your toiletries, and anything else you might not want to pack again, in a container that can be left with the bell captain at your hotel.

Then, when you come back to Sin City, you simply have it delivered and voila, there is all your stuff — suntan lotion, bubble bath — whatever your heart desires, without you having to buy it again when you have ample supplies of the stuff at home.

The containers are kept in a secure, climate-controlled warehouse in the Las Vegas area and are insured up to $100—so don’t leave anything really valuable in there. The Vegas Box costs $99 per year and comes with dividers, security locks and two deliveries.  Additional deliveries cost $20.

“As a Las Vegas visitor, you are likely to have leftover items such as aerosols, body lotion, face wash, contact solution, hair products, nail polish remover or alcoholic beverages that you will throw away or be forced to pay to check your back on your return home,” said Gena Marler, co-founder of The Vegas Box. “If you visit Vegas just twice a year, the Vegas Box pays for itself and makes traveling so much more convenient and easy without the cost of a checked bag and hassle of transporting these items back and forth.”

For trade show visitors, it’s also a great idea, and the container can store up to 70 pounds of material.

Motto is, go to town—bring it—and then leave it.

More info at www.thevegasbox.com